Brighart for brighter art
    Brigharts work for SWISSARTEXPO Zürich

    Above: Brigharts contribution to the SWISSARTEXPO project 2020.

    This year's SWISSARTEXPO showed a very special work of art: the TOGETHER WE ARE ONE picture, which is the result of the collaboration of over 500 artists worldwide!

    More info SWISSARTEXPO:

    More info ARTBOX TALENT:

    Pictures say more than words

    The huge work of art was very well received by the visitors! Many visitors took their time to take a close look at the individual components of the artwork. The Artbox Talent organisation is very happy that they were able to show with this action that even in difficult times like these, TOGETHER great things can be created!

    But as is well known, pictures say more than words! Here is a photo of the TOGETHER WE ARE ONE picture directly from the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich main station:



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