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    IN ENGLISH - On Wednesday 14 June, Brighart, together with Bikkel, could be found at park Lingezegen in Elst. This was an extraordinary occasion where artists from both home and abroad came together to work together on a beautiful, colourful and temporary work of art on the event grounds at De Park.

    The project, called The Colorfield Performance, is a unique Landart project. Almost 500 panels measuring 1.22 x 1.22 metres were set up on the event grounds, and over the summer, these panels were painted by the artists. They worked in alternating groups, allowing each artist to bring his or her own interpretation to the panel. It was a creative process in which all colours of the rainbow were used, except black. Moreover, each artwork had to be completed within one day.

    Brighart and Bikkel participated wholeheartedly in this colourful adventure, letting their artistic expression speak for itself. It was an inspiring experience to collaborate with talented artists and contribute to this breathtaking work of art.


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