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    ART DUBAI 2021

    ART DUBAI 2021

    Artist Anita de Harde, who is a representative of the Museum of the Americas, Miami, USA ( asked artists to join a project to promote art at the art fair ART DUBAI 2021. Brighart is a participant in this project.

    Per participant six artworks will be presented on a pendrive to art galleries present at the art fair.

    ART DUBAI 2021


    Among other artists collected by the Museum of the Americas, these artists will participate too:

    Matteo Baronie, Italy,
    Anat Groag, Netherlands,
    Anita de Harde, Netherlands,
    Betty Jonker, Netherlands,
    Caroline Kampfraath, Netherlands,
    Royden Mills, Canada,
    Guido Verhoek, Netherlands,
    Moses Wandago, Netherlands


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